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Where is God's Own Country Located?

Kerala is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Lots of travelers are visiting Kerala from all over the universe. Many tourists are attracted with Kerala’s dazzling and enjoyable natural beauty, Kerala is blessed with advanced exquisiteness of nature that can produce sure the sternest vacationers hang in fervor.

This nevertheless quite small country, which is closely in the southernmost west of the Indian Sub-continent to the Arabian sea, shows genuine size. "God's own country"means Kerala translated. Praise of highest place. A miracle, because Kerala is not a genuine dream goal, It belongs to the most beautiful destinations of Asia. One in the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other religious communities live peacefully with one another Celebrations and festivals over the whole year, which offers exciting experiences in addition, genuine relaxation.

Tucked away at the southwestern tip of India, sandwiched between the rugged mountains of the Western Ghats and the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, lies a wisp of paradise called Kerala. Labelled - not inappropriately - as `God's Own Country`, this enchanting tropical territory fits the mythical notion of Eden and is fast turning into one of the most sought after destinations of the world. The Conde Nast Traveller rightly sums up the region thus: ‘ Kerala fits into the Western notions of Eden: the soil deep red, beaches bone white, vegetation dense green and the sea sparkling blue for much of the year’.

Numerous theories exist about the origin of the word Kerala (ke-ra-laa).The most popular is that it finds its origin in ‘kera’, meaning the coconut and ‘Ilam’, meaning land. Simply put the “land of coconuts”. Some attribute the name to the Chera rulers who ruled the state in the early centuries. Arabs who visited Kerala in earlier centuries for spice trade christened it Malabar which is a name by which the north of Kerala is still known.

Modes of Transportation
» By Air - Kerela is well connected to all major airports in India like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Kochi and Calicut are other two airports connected from air to other cities in India.

» By Rail - Railways connect most of the places in the state to places in the other parts of the country and inside the state. Long-distance express trains connect to almost all places outside the state like Mumbai, New Delhi.

» By Road - Kerela has good road network and the major modes of road transport are buses, tourist taxis, cars, and local taxis and autos.

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